Problem connecting pins in Plugin Host?

Windows 7 / MS VS2013 & VS2017 VST2/3
Note old (saved) .filtergraphs seem to work ok, but adding a plugin and connecting up (or moving pins from a working, saved, configuration) doesn’t seem to work. Connections to pins just dont seem to take.

(can others check this please on other configs, please)

Solved :slight_smile:

oops… seems I spoke too soon. I tried it again (devel branch), and still get the same result: I can’t attach connections to plugins or devices (note using VST/VST3[used standard .bat file to combine vst2/3 sdks] on win 7+Asio4all). Am I the only one to see this?

Please don’t spend too long digging around in the audio graph code, I have a new version of it that I’ll release soon

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Cheers, Jules.

Works on everything I’ve tested it on. Thanks :slight_smile: