Problem with compiling juce demo under Windows

I use CodeBlocks and MinGWTDM with juce_1_50.
I follow this instructions to compile Juce Library :
-remove the juce_AudioUnitPluginFormat.cpp from the project file
-remove the QuictTime file from the project file
-Go to src\juce_core\basics\juce_PlatformDefs.h, lines 342 to 353, and change…

#ifndef JUCE_DEBUG #define forcedinline inline __attribute__((always_inline)) #else #define forcedinline inline #endif


It succeed.

After I want to compile juce demo for codeblocks.
I got 50 errors like this :

this topic talk about it :

I tried with juce 1_46 but it doesn’t work.

Some people talk about codeblocks is not very supported. I tried with DevC++, but It doesn’t work. I don’t know really how to compile juce demo in dev-C++.

Some people tried with Qt Creator. How build the juce demo in it ?

Thanks for any suggestions, i am lost in this compilation problems.

I will try tomorrow in Debian/Lenny we will see.

It looks like it is giving problem for methods implemented in juce_win32_SystemStats.cpp.

I haven’t used CodeBlocks and/or MinGWTDM. Please check if “juce_win32_SystemStats.cpp.” is added to the project.