Problems running JUCE iOS apps on iPhone or iPads

Juce & Projucer v. 5.4.7 (purchased)

OS X 10.15.4
xCode Version 11.4.1

iPad iOS 12.5
iPhone iOS 12.4.7

For testing I built and code-signed iOS default “Hello World” project. When run on any simulator it works fine. It shows “Hello World” in the middle of the simulator screen.

However, if I run it directly on a iPhone or iPad I get a black screen that does not won’t to go away.

I tried many different combinations for Launch Image, Main Interface, Assets, LaunchScreen.storyboard but cannot get it to run properly and display “Hello World” when loading and running the app on actual iPhone or iPad.
Again, simulators work fine.

This problem is so easy to replicate but yet I fail to find any mention of it on JUCE forum or tutorials. There must be something simple that I don’t know. Please help, I need to update many older apps but all I can get now are black screens staring at me. : (

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