White screen on IOS

Hello guys.
I am porting my GUI application. It is made totally with JUCE api. Unfortunately i didn’t use introjucer for this due to existing cross-platform project structure.

I have succesfully launched the application in MacOS from the second attemt. At first i used c++ console app template to hold my UI. It did work but had troubles with cursor representation and tooltips. At second it was a Cocoa application and everything became perfect after the deletion of main() created by Xcode

Also i had a success in building it for IOS platform but when i try to launch it in simulator i see only the white screen. This time i used “Window based application” as a template.
I can’t see any significant difference with JuceDemo in main component initialization.
Is there any trick? Should i use “view based” template or what?
Could you imagine sequential steps to build IOS application without introjucer?

I’d really recommend using the introjucer for iOS, there are lots of fiddly settings to get right. Certainly using any of the xcode templates is a bad idea.

I believe that only a couple of options in pbxproj make the difference.