Problems with getting audio in

Hi there,

I’m trying to get audio in from my sound card and route it to the main output using the tracktion engine. To learn how to do that I checked the “Recording” demo of tracktion. However I seem to have some problems because not even that demo app is recording properly for me. I can compile and run the “Recording” app properly, however even if I configure my sound card in the audio settings and enable tracks for recording, I only see silence in the output. The screenshot below shows how I have everything configured but I only record silence:

(I was sending signal to input 1 so I should see first track waveform with some action)

In fact, in the audio settings panel, below the test button, I never see the levels indicated there, even if I switch to Built-in-microphone which should definitely work. That looks like a bug but I don’t know what else to check :frowning:

My system: macOS 10.14.6, Juce 5.4.5, tracktion @

Audio inputs work well in other software I use (Bitwig, Logic), so should not be a soundcard issue.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!!

I think this is due to missing macOS entitlements.
If you resave the PJ project with the “Enable microphone” option in the Xcode exporter ticked does it work?


Brilliant, that was exactly the problem.
Thank you very much again for the very quick response!