Recording demo not working properly

Hi there. I’m having problems with recording audio input, there is no sound from any device, and there is loud noise when I disable active input channel in audio setting. I run on latest macos and with tracktion_graph branch. What could be the problem?

It could be a permissions problem. Check in your system settings that the demo app has access to your microphone.

Yes, that’s seems to be the issue, I run app in terminal and it works, since it has access to mic, but I’m unable to get this popup to allow access to mic in app, and there is no RecordingDemo app in security settings in mic tab… I was trying tccutil reset Microphone com.Tracktion.RecordingDemo and also just tccutil reset Microphone, popup newer appears. Is there any other way to force this popup? Probably something simple that i missing, sorry for stupid questions…

How are you generating the projects? Using cmake?
If so, can you add the following key to the juce_add_gui_app (MICROPHONE_PERMISSION_ENABLED TRUE) as described here: JUCE/CMake at master · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub

After you’ve rebuilt and run the app, does the system dialog appear for you to ask you for mic access?

I’m using generate examples script. But this is also happens with my own project that uses tracktion engine, generated just with projucer

Oh, it works now, just needed to change in projucer exporters setting in xcode tab, mic access was disabled by default. That was it, thank you!

Yep, that would have been my other suggestion. We’re transitioning to CMake in tracktion_engine as it’s a bit more flexible.

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