BR: Loud noise in Audio Recording demo

I built the DemoRunner (tip of develop) on MacOS 11.6.8.
If I run the Audio Recording demo and go to the audio settings and disable Input 1+2, I get a very loud noise! This is when using the built-in output and built-in mic. (Watch out - it is indeed very loud…)

It is the same when using another input (in this case Soundflower).
Also, there’s no sound coming from the input.

My desktop app using Tracktion is showing the same behaviour on both Mac and Windows.

Hmm, I don’t get any noise when I do that.
That settings page is from JUCE though. Do you get the same noise from the JUCE demo?

Yes, I remember checking the JUCE demo as well and I think it was the same issue. Should have moved the topic… Can’t reproduce now, though - maybe it was just a temporary JUCE bug.