Procujer live build JIT process crashed!: Bus Error

Hi! I’m really looking forward to use the live build engine of the projucer and it works as advertised with newly created projects.
But when I try to use it on my own projects (500+ sources) with it, it crashes with an unhelpful log and the Message: Bus Error.

Things to consider:

-the project is completely JUCE basted, only external dependency is SQLite.
-I tried building the Projucer with SDK 10.11, 10.10 and 10.12, 10.10 seems to crash later than the other versions, It seems to always get stuck at the same sources.
-Projucer is latest development head from Github.
-I’m running OSX.10.12.3, was running 10.11.x before same problem
-I read another post where there is talk about std::function not working. all I do in my code is std::abs on a few places, I suppose that is hardly a problem right?

are there any guidelines what to do and not to do in order to stay live build compatible?

since my software is workflow/UI bases I’m really interested in having this working and have some free time to assist in debugging/development. Btw. I’m currently not subscribed , so my live-build demo probably ends before I can properly use it, though I’ll subscribe soon anyways.

anyways, promising concept!
How about live editing whole applications rather that components? shouldn’t it work with “thick” mock components hosting the whole app?
Would be great to have live Mock components to host the whole app!

Cheers! :slight_smile: