Producer 6.0.1 can no longer save projects while the computer is online sinds 6 October 2020

Although the Producer 6.0.1 is in GPL mode and Check for new versions is off, When lauching it on both Mac and Windows gives me a bottom left box “a new version of JUCE is avaiable”. If i press the “Dont ask again” button it will show this dialog next time anyway.

The real stinker is that after hitting ignore or dont ask again: menus like save, save as, save project are all disabled making the producer pretty useless…


Thanks for reporting! The new version checking issue has been fixed on the develop branch here:

The disabled menu items seem to be caused by the main project window losing keyboard focus when the dismiss button is clicked for the notification, so they should re-enable if you click back anywhere on the main window. A more permanent fix is to just disable keyboard focus for the notification window, which we’ve done in the following commit: