Projucer niggles

Projucer niggles:

  • User-definable file templates for new header and cpp files.
  • Separate save hot-key for save project so I can stop saving CPP files when I mean to save the project, or vice-versa.
  • When using Windows pressing the IDE button happily loads another copy of Visual Studio (which then bitches about being the second copy). Can we do something to detect that the previously launched copy is still running and do a save instead?

General niggles:

  • Wiki - can we have an offical JUCE one please!!!
  • Tickets for bugs and fixes ?

Is there any current or future plans for UX improvements/changes in the Projucer? I personally find the accordion menu on the left for files, modules, and exporters a bit of a pain - a tabbed menu would be better IMO. Also the icon used for the live build tab looks more like a settings icon to me, I think just adding a play button somehow to the current icon would make it more obvious what that tab is for.


Cmd/ctrl + P will save the project, Cmd/ctrl + shift + L will save and open in IDE.

We have a Projucer manual on the JUCE website.

As for the others, I can add them to our backlog but I can’t give an exact timeline on when things will be done as we’re quite busy at the moment.

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Is that a very recent thing - because mine says Ctrl-P will create a new PIP !

Oh yes, sorry I should have specified. It was added on the develop branch a few weeks ago but it is in the JUCE 5.4 release which came out this morning.

Sorry, I’d moved on from the projucer a bit. I meant, selecting from the first few search results:

Ah - cool

We have a lot of projects on scattered JUCE versions, and stick with the projucer version for the projects JUCE modules version, so it takes ages before we can use all the features everywhere. But I’m glad that one is done :slight_smile:

I should add that it’s pretty annoying that you can only open one version of the Projucer at once to my niggles list.

Oh - is there some way to disable the ‘upgrade dialog’ that appears. I have to dismiss it about 20 times a day :slight_smile:

No… It’s just pinging a URL to check the latest version though so I guess you could block it from accessing the internet if it’s a real bother.

It’s a minor niggle. I’ve started to ignore it as just noise :slight_smile: But maybe once dismissed for a version it could cease bothering me, like a good dialog box should :slight_smile:

+1 for those.
Also when I switch between different projucer versions I get logged out and have to log in again (but perhaps that’s a bug in the old projucer I use)

or maybe at least remember the choice for the next 24h or so