Juce wiki

Jules, might you consider creating a Juce wiki? This would provide a structure that would allow the community to document this technology, and help future beginners.

It looks like Juce is the only way forward for me, and once I get comfortable on this framework I will never need to switch again.

But the initial learning curve is steep, and I am really floundering, as I always flounder with a new technology.

I've been writing my own musical training software for five years, which has taken me through iOS (Accelerate framework, GLES2, CoreAnimation, etc), Unity3d (C#/.NET), Blender (Python), autotools, etc, and have come to recognise the pattern of having to punch through a number of brick walls in order to get any technology working. Each stumbling block can take days or weeks to surmount, involving forum posts, subscribing to obscure mailing lists, filing bug reports, etc.

I am amazed at the incredible amount of work you have put into this engine, that one person could have punched through so many brick walls.

I have just spent a whole day getting nowhere, trying to build on android. Once I understand the process I'm sure it will fit into place and seem so simple and obvious that I will wonder how I could have been so stupid. And I will straightaway run into another brick wall.

If there were some wiki, I would gladly contribute as I learn, and I think others will also. Forum posts could direct to appropriate points on the wiki, and knowledge could be organised and kept current more easily.


Thanks - we did have a wiki before I re-organised the website last year, but actually it didn't get as much input from people as I expected. But there are hopefully some things in the pipeline for the near future that will mean that the documentation will get a big boost..

I agree. IMHO Juce would be even (much) more successful and popular if its documentation was on a par with its features. No criticism Jules - I know how much swamped you must be with all these developments... but it's just a fact :)

Juce for Android seems to me reserved to highly savvy geeks as opposed to average general purpose programmers like myself (and a bunch of others...). You need to spend a tremendous amount of time for instance, to get documented about native code implementation and its connection to Juce, while Jules has already done 90% of the work and a simple example would suffice to get us poor average developpers started.

For instance, how do you call a native C++ function in Juce from the Java interface (I have reasons for this) ? This probably is obvious for the hereabove mentioned geeks but I wasted a whole day trying without success...

Anyways, as for the "simple" test of an android-Juce-generated app, go see my post @ http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/deploy-hello-world-android-using-osx. Hope it can help you get started at least for a simple android app.

Bring back the wiki and I'll take ten minutes and write down absolutely everything useful i know! :)