Programmer productivity with JUCE, VS and XCode

Hi All

I’d like to start a discussion about programmer productivity using JUCE, Visual Studio and XCode for developing cross platform Mac/PC desktop software and plugins (I have no interest in iOS or android).

What coding setup are you all using, and how do you maximize productivity? What window layouts do you use in your IDE, what is your main IDE, how do you browse between code files, how do you refactor code, and what plugins (if any) do you use with your IDEs? What does your physical setup look like, how many monitors do you use and what do you have displayed on each monitor, etc.

In my case for example I really like vim and the command line, so on windows I have cygwin with vim installed and on mac I just use terminal + vim. I then build in visual c++ express and xcode but rarely use those tools for programming. I use introjucer to configure my projects and edit GUI dialog boxes and components etc.

My main challenge has been to increase productivity with vim. I haven’t had time to configure it to work like an IDE so even though I can edit faster in vim than I could using the mouse and keyboard in VS, I lose time browsing files and jumping between function and class definitions, and also lose time because of the lack of code completion. All these issues can be solved with vim plugins. Just haven’t had time to config any of that.


Many developers me among them likes bash better than powershell so OS X is the first go to.
(out of the box bash should arrive to Windows 10 eventually btw…)

But since we’re talking plug-ins and Mac is mandatory best setup would be virtual machine.
I use parallels and it’s really easy to use single mounted storage device.

The ability to make sure your project builds on Mac and Windows without committing and while editing for both on the fly is huge advantage IMHO.

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