Projucer Add Folder / File Via Command Line

Is there a way to add a folder of files to projucer via command line?

Something like

Projucer --clear-maingroup --project
Projucer --add-folder PATH --project

This would be helpful for CI when there are a lot of projucer projects in a repo, so if a folder / file was added to one project, there would be an automatic way to add it to all instead of having to open each manually.

I tend to use CMake nowadays, however, something I used to do was put all my source into a JUCE module. That way there is no need to add source files to the Projucer and the tree of files and directories reflects how it is laid out on disk. Also it kind of forces you down the route of unity builds which tends to make building your whole project faster (although it can make local builds slower as changing one thing can cause a large amount of the project to rebuild).

Yeah that’s my issue with this approach – I’d have to break stuff down into a ton of modules and there’s a lot of forward declared stuff etc etc.

I’d like to do CMake as well! But it’s such a massive undertaking to convert to, although I’m aware the long term rewards.