Add folders via Projucer or IDE

Just wondering if it was possible to add folders into the Source Directory? Would be nice to have it a bit more organized as the number of files increases.

I made a folder in VS and then tried to use the ‘Add Existing Files’ from Projucer but it doesn’t see the folder. Usually the files end up in the ‘Build’ folder, but not this time.

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All project management should be done in Projucer. And, of course, creating a project folder (in either Projucer or VS) does not physically create the folder in the directory structure, so if you want to do that too, you need to do that in Explorer (or command line).

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Cheers, that did the trick :wink:

You can actually do that in Projucer too, if you call “Add new Class” or any other “new” command, it offers the “Where” selection, and by clicking the fold out button next to the file name, you will see the folder selection as well (that is on OSX, but I assume the windows dialog looks similar)


Aha, fantastic yes - the ‘Add New Group’ option does exactly this! The folder will not appear in VS until you add a file to it but as soon as you do both the folder and file will be included. :grinning: