Move existing file into folder

In Projucer is it possible to move an existing file into a file system folder?

e.g. my file system is:


And I want:


I know that I can create a “group” named “myfolder” in Projucer, and move my file into it, but this is not reflected in the file system.

And if I create the folder on disk and move my file there, Projucer loses the link to the it (the filename turns red in Projucer).

When creating a file inside a group, Projucer will prompt you to choose its location on disk, but how does one move an existing file into a folder?

I would do the following:

  1. create the folder on disk
  2. move the file there
  3. use the Add Existing Files... menu in Projucer (right-click in the File Explorer section)
  4. select the folder and click on Open (which is a bit misleading, it should be Add)
  5. right-click on the “old” file in Projucer (it shows in red) and then click on Delete
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Thanks! I got fixated on the idea that I should be able to do this by moving files inside Projucer, but I am sure that deleting the files from Producer then re-adding them will work.