Adding New Group from Projucer


I am trying to add a new folder (group) to my project directory.
I tried projucer > add new group > add new file to it.
It gets created in projucer, but on opening it in IDE, these changes are not loaded, also I don’t see it in explorer.
I am using VS2022.

Is there anything additional I need to do to make it work?

Any help is appreciated, TIA!

@PP02, I don’t know the answer, but I may be able to narrow down the problem. First, I should mention that I have replicated the behaviour you report, also with VS2022. I will just add that, though the group does not appear as a folder in the IDE, the files I added to the group in Projucer do appear in the IDE, but directly within the source folder. I expect that happened for you.

The Projucer Manual has this to say about groups:

With the Projucer, you can add new source files to your project and delete or rename existing ones, as well as organise files into groups.

Groups are not the same as folders. If you create a file in a group in Projucer, you will also be asked in which folder to save the file. With this, it is possible to have a folder structure that is different from the group structure. However, it is highly recommended and good practice to have your groups follow the structure and names of the folders.

But I was not “asked in which folder to save the file”.

@SimonORorke Thank you for the response.
That’s correct, file appears in source folder, if you create the new group within the projucer, .jucer file also gets updated.
But then issue is, when you upload the project to the repo, and if anyone clones the repo, their jucer has another group apart from Source, but the project directory has only Source and other traditional folders like juce library code etc.