Projucer could track the folder and file structure in your source repo

Thus allowing you to add source files from your IDE, or rearrange them on disk and it’d just pick up the changes. Maybe the few per-file options that matter could be set from a comment in the file…

So instead of:

  • add source file in projucer
  • resave
  • rebuild the whole thing

You’d just:

  • add source file in IDE

? :slight_smile:

Maybe you could just add a folder and tick a box that says ‘track contents’

Kind of like file globbing in CMake?

Yeah - probably - although I speak about as much CMake as I do OId Swedish.

I could settle for a ‘refresh from folder structure’ option which would try and keep as many of the settings as possible…?

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OT: In my project all sources are organized as modules. Thus I don’t have to open the Projucer when i add a file, and thz file is automagically added in the IDE (at least in Xcode). Just have to add the proper include directive in the module header.