Projucer as Linux code editor

When developing for Linux, I use Projucer as my main project management / code editor tool, and it works great for the most part. One issue is that the cursor position isn’t maintained when switching between windows, so if I’m editing a large file, and have to switch to another window to make a change, when I switch back, I’ve lost my place. Am I missing something?

What Linux distro is this? I can’t reproduce it on Ubuntu 16.04 - when switching between the Projucer’s code editor and other application windows the cursor position is restored when the Projucer regains focus.

Ubuntu 16.04 here as well. This happens only with files that are graphic components, such as MainComponent - any file that has the tab bar across the top with “Class”, “Subcomponents”, etc. For me, these files always return to the top when they regain focus in “Code” view.