Projucer does not output BinaryData when clicking exporter

Hi, Producer is not outputting Binary data!
This is with Projucer 6.1.3. on Windows 10.

If I delete the BinaryData.h/.cpp files then it’s gone forever.

Projucer informed me there was an update, so I got it and compiled. No parameters have changed in the producer.

Has anybody else got this problem? What am I overlooking?

Dave H.

OK. We have to now CTR-S or save from the file menu.
(it’s still not consistent, as it depends on what’s open on the left hand side)

As, clicking the ‘Save and open in IDE’ doesn’t actually save and the binary files any more.

This sounds similar to

I only know is that it’s not saving the binary data files when I click 'save and open IDE. I just deleted the JUCE folder and re-cloned/compiled it from GitHub, still no joy.
OK it might be the recent changes to ‘jucer_ProjectContentComponent.cpp’ that have done it, with commits of ‘only resave when nececcary’. I suspect that updating a resource or missing files are not included in the check?

I think it’s this line causing the issue:

in jucer_ProjectContentComponent.cpp

518    if (project->hasChangedSinceSaved() || ! selectedExporter->getIDEProjectFile().exists())

Which ignores that any resource files that were updated it seems, or even missing binary files.
Can the Projucer just save anyway, surely it doesn’t take long?

By the way, this is for when you quit the Projucer and reload it to grab any fresher resources, like you would traditionally.

Thanks for all the details. This change was intended to skip saving if no changes had been made to the project. However, I’d missed the fact that there are additional files (such as binary data) that might have been changed on the filesystem, outside of the Projucer. Doing a full resave every time it is requested seems safer after all.

I’ve reverted the change on develop. This should make it onto master in a week or so.

Thanks man. I’m glad it’s not just me.

How about not having to reboot the Projucer to find changed resources?
Perhaps scan the folders every second or so (or perhaps just when clicked in focus), looking for modified date changes in, say, a png, and then update the graphic in the projucer automatically, ready for export to the IDE. That would be really useful, especially when updating graphics all day.

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