Projucer.exe app not running

I´m absolutely new to JUCE.
I have Windows 10 x64 installed, Visual Studio 2017 installed and running but when trying to run the Projucer.exe ( downladed and unzipped to C:\ ) it does nothing.

What am I missing?

Do you have another instance of the Projucer running? Only one can be open at any time so if you have another one running then it won’t open. Check both “Apps” and “Background processes” in task manager as there might be a hidden instance running in the background.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes I have already checked the background processes and opened apps and no additional JUCE running. I have even rebooted the computer but still projucer.exe doesn’t run.

And you don’t get an error message from Windows? Can you try compiling and running the Projucer yourself by opening the Builds/VisualStudio2017/Projucer.sln project in VS2017?