Projucer GUI Editor & AudioProcessorValueTreeState

I’m new to juce and I’m trying to send sysex messages to my axoloti. I’ve got this part almost ok, but there is something I’d like to be oriented :
I use AudioProcessorValueTreeState as parameters and the Projucer GUI editor, however, each time I add a new subcomponent it inserts it like :

 addAndMakeVisible (slider = new Slider ("slider1"));
 slider->setRange (0, 10, 0);
 slider->setSliderStyle (Slider::LinearHorizontal);
 slider->setTextBoxStyle (Slider::TextBoxLeft, false, 80, 20);
 slider->setColour (Slider::backgroundColourId, Colour (0xff217ba8));
 slider->setColour (Slider::trackColourId, Colours::black);
 slider->addListener (this);

instead of :

addAndMakeVisible (slider);
gainAttachment = new SliderAttachment (valueTreeState, "gain", slider);

with gainAttachment in my .h as :

ScopedPointer<SliderAttachment> gainAttachment;

Does anyone know how to make the gui editor compatible with the APVTS and automate this ?
Thank !

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The GUI editor only supports very simple components and for more complex UI interaction you’d be better off writing it all in code. Making the GUI editor aware of things like AudioProcessorValueTreeState would be an awful lot of work under the hood and we don’t have any plans to add features to it, however we’re happy to take pull requests!

Thank ed95,
okay, this is what I was thinking. Not really a problem, even if the gui was helpful and fast to design.