Projucer: How to change binary location VST, VST3, for VS2017

For the debug profile of VS2017 at the moment they’re greyed out:
I’m trying to build them to a particular folder, but they’re not editable in Projucer?

Well, I managed to add a post build command:
XCOPY "$(SolutionDir)$(Platform)\$(Configuration)\VST\myplug.dll" "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\myplugsdir\" /S /Y
I’m curious what the Binary Location fields in Producer actually do…
Thanks for any comments.

You need to set “Enable Plugin Copy Step” to “Enabled” (it is “Disabled” by default):

You may also need to alter the permissions of those destination folders so that VS can write to them.

Thanks for the replies.
I’m using the built in copy step now.
I did encounter the permissions issue previously when I started developing on Windows 10.

It seems that there is no “VST Binary Location” anymore (Projucer v5.4.3).
Is it really so obsolete? As I know, there is still no support for VST3 in Ableton Live.

If you don’t already have a license you can’t distribute VST2 plugins anyway. If you do, the headers are in the VST3 SDK (before version 3.6.11 iirc).

Live beta 10.1 supports VST3.

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“VST Binary Location” has been renamed to “VST (Legacy) Binary Location”.

I mean, there is no “VST (Legacy) Binary Location” too in my Projucer (v5.4.3)

You need to select “VST” in the “Plugin Formats” field of the project settings.

By default, “VST3”, “AU”, and “Standalone” are selected:

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Oh, thanks a lot! That’s what I need.

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