Projucer incompatibility with Xcode 10 beta 5/6

I’ve finally found what I believe is the issue with some of my JUCE projects and Xcode 10 betas 5 & 6. (I mentioned the issue here: Build fails with Xcode 10 beta 5/6)

What I’ve found is that Xcode 10 doesn’t seem to like path names for headers with a tilde (used for the user’s home directory). Xcode 9 and previous were okay with this, but not 10.

My Global Paths in Projucer are defined like this:

I would assume other users define theirs similarly.

Projucer creates my plugin project with Header Search Paths defined like this:

In Xcode 9.x, the same plugin project builds perfectly, but in Xcode 10, it complains that it can’t find the JUCE headers.

If I edit the Header Search Paths to all be relative, like this, Xcode 10 builds fine:

What’s odd is that Projucer sometimes exports the path as relative and sometimes not.

Here are the Header Search Paths from a JUCE Console app:

I have no idea why JUCE modules are relative here, but absolute in my plugin project. Also, I don’t know if this is a bug in Xcode that will get fixed or not…I don’t see anything about it in the release notes.

So, my suggestion is to make sure that Projucer always exports Header Search Paths as relative instead of absolute.


Oh, Xcode… I’ll push something for this, thanks for reporting.

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That fixed it. Thank you.