Build fails with Xcode 10 beta 5/6

Any idea why Xcode 10 beta can’t find this?

#include <juce_audio_plugin_client/juce_audio_plugin_client_utils.cpp>

juce_audio_plugin_client/juce_audio_plugin_client_utils.cpp' file not found

It builds fine in Xcode 9…

I’ve noticed that a lot of stuff that you can get away with in XCode9 doesn’t work in Visual studio. like, if I have files like ./Source/Folder/file.h, in Xcode9 I can simply #include "file.h", but in Visual Studio I have to write #include "./Folder/file.h. Maybe the same is true for XCode 10?

Yes, I’ve found the same thing about Visual Studio, but my plugin compiles fine in VS 2017. It’s choking on the juce include. Sorry, I should have been more informative.
can’t find <juce_audio_plugin_client/juce_audio_plugin_client_utils.cpp>
can’t find <juce_audio_formats/>
can’t find <juce_audio_basics/>
can’t find <juce_audio_devices/>
can’t find <juce_audio_processors/>

Your header search path is wrong.


I checked and it’s fine. It works fine in Xcode 9. Hmmm…

Posting a build script (the actual compiler command before the error) would be able to chime in more info.

Sadly, my machine is for builds and I’m not ready to loose 32bit. BTW, are you compiling universal binary or x64?

I’m compiling for 64-bit Intel. BTW, the same error occurs on 2 different Macs.

Not sure how to see the build script. I’m just calling Run and/or Build in Xcode.

Thanks. However, I’ve meant something similar to this (sorry I’m on my phone so can’t get more precise screenshot)

Showing the actual command line with the includes.

Also in your projucer,
If you have any setting on default such as deployment, syntax (cpp11,cpp14 etc) set to default - maybe setting explicit value might help.

Sorry for dropping ideas without actual testing. Maybe I’ll try xcode 10 on Sunday with juce.

Thanks for the reply, but this is still a very puzzling issue.

I just installed the latest Xcode beta 6, and then created a fresh plugin project with Projucer. When I try to build it, it immediately dies in the preprocessor, so it doesn’t even make it to the point where I can see the command line and more detailed error listing.

As you can see in the image, Xcode complains that it can’t find any JUCE code in <> brackets. This applies to every .mm and .cpp file in the JUCE Library Code folder in my project.

So far as I can tell, my Header Search Paths looks correct…it should be able to find the JUCE modules.

As I’ve said, this works perfectly with Xcode 9.4.1. My only guesses as to why this seems to be only affect me is that my JUCE folder and project are in a Dropbox folder, although it doesn’t affect anything else. Somehow Xcode 10 is handling header search paths differently than Xcode 9?

Anything help or clues here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.