Projucer - remove files for live build

I'm trying out Projucer on a project which has some Objective C and Swift files. I'd like to remove these for the live build (its falling over trying to compile Swift files), and just build whats needed for my main component and enough data to get it going. Is there a way to achieve this without copying the project and remove files from it? 

Where can I get access to / download the Projucer? (Sorry for the off-topic)

It's there :

You can select the free plan ;)

thanks, i got confused since it was no where to be found in the git repo :)

Yes, the Projucer is not part of the open-source repository.

Thanks, we hadn't tried it with any swift files (and our compile process will struggle with those). What we should be able to do is make it so that it'll still attempt to build any c++ files and ignore the swift ones - any missing symbols will cause a runtime crash but this would be OK in most cases.

that would be great, thanks

its similar to the request for files per platform, which would be a good time saver as I currently have to either remove all iOS related files from other builds or add them manually in Xcode after each project save. 

I'm wondering if it would be possible to exclude a whole folder from live build (all my iOS files are in one folder). Similar to "Disable compiling of all enclosed files" (which is what I was hoping would achieve my goal)

That's be a bit awkward for us to add, though as a workaround you can use the PROJUCER_LIVE_BUILD macro to enable/disable bits of code depending on whether the projucer is compiling them.