I have a plugin pack with 20+ plugins, every time I need to update a compiler flag or something, it’s time consuming. Are there any tools for updating multiple jucer files at once?

In jucer it would be nice if I could right click on any field and say “apply to all open files”

Or at least in jucer windows menu, could we get a list all all open files?

I’ve expanded the number of recent items in the “open recents” menu, this might be of some use to you:

The .jucer file is just XML - it would be pretty quick to write a JUCE application to copy one edit to multiple other .jucer files. The process might be something like:

  • Read the XML of the original .jucer file
  • Make your change in the Projucer
  • Read the modified XML of the .jucer file
  • Diff the two sets of XML to find what changed
  • Iterate over a list of files
    • Open
    • Read XML
    • Apply change
    • Write XML

Another feature request would be to be able to rename or label export targets. Right now I have several export targets name Linux Makefile. It would be nice if I could rename them to they said Linux Makefile - Intel, Linux Makefile - ARM, etc.

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I’ll add that to the backlog.

You could consider .props files (Property Sheets) for Visual Studio and .xcconfig files on Xcode to store common configurations to be shared among projects.

+1 renaming Exporters