Migrating jucer file

I would like to migrate a jucer file for a new project. For example, if I have a jucer file and want to create another project from it. But a new project will be affected when the old project file is updated.

old.jucer -> name PluginOld, Company Name CompanyOld
new.jucer-> name PluginNew

and after that when I change old.jucer’s Company Name field (because I hadn’t written on Company Name field anything in the new.jucer project) it’ll be changed in new.jucer project as well.

This would be useful when we use some projects as a git submodule (I think we can make something like in CMake).

This seems strange: when you save the old.jucer file it will create projects consistent with the data in old.jucer. But when you save new.jucer this should be overwritten. Maybe I’m not understanding you correctly?

I think I couldn’t explain correctly. But basically, my suggestion is like interitance mechanism in C++. I want to use both jucer project files simultaneously. new.jucer file is like derived class and old.jucer file is like base class. When I change something in old.jucer file and if the changed field is not set in new.jucer file, the project (new.jucer) will be fed by old.jucer file.

I need it because we work two developers different parts of the project and we need to separate the project entirely. I want to use git’s submodule mechanism and want to change only some fields in the new.jucer file. It’ll be good feature for updating projects.

I’m sorry this is not the way the Projucer works. :frowning:

Maybe, in the future, it will support this feature as well. :wink:

If you are not strictly forced to use Projucer, you could obtain a similar behavior using xcconfig files for Xcode and Properties Sheets (props) in Visual Studio.

Thanks for the suggestion but this solution wouldn’t be handy for me.