Small feature request


Hi, would it be possible to make the (0,0,width,height) area of a different colour than the rest of the workspace, so one would see how big that area is?
Perhaps it would also be nice to have some type of draggable component to modify the width and height via mouse?

Another cool option would be that Jucer would recognize if the file has been changed in another editor. For example, I constantly use Jucer while running Visual Studio on the same CPP file as the one in Jucer. When I change something in Jucer and save the file, Visual Studio will immediately popup a window saying something like “File has been changed outside editor. Reload?”. It would be nice if Jucer would say something similar when I have done some editing in Visual Studio, saved the file and returned to Jucer.


Ok, that might be a handy thing to have.

Not sure about the file reloading thing though. I often do the same, but unless you’re actually messing with the actual jucer XML in the file, there’s no need for the jucer to reload it, is there? When you hit save, it automatically merges any changes that were made to the user-code sections of the file since it was loaded.


Here’s a scenario:

Both Jucer and Visual Studio already have the same file open.

  • I add some control in the Jucer and press save
  • I go back to Visual Studio and it asks me if I want to reload, and I choose YES
  • Now I do some modifications in the CPP file in Visual Studio, adding some C++ code to it and save the file
  • Now I go back and add some control in the Jucer and press save. Here’s where the problem arises: Since I did not close the file in Jucer and open it again, this last action overwrites my added code in Visual Studio. So it would be nice if I switch back from Visual Studio to the Jucer to at least have a window warning me that the CPP file has been modified externally and asking if I want to reload it.


No, that’s not true.

Like I said, when you hit ‘save’, the jucer reloads the file to get your changes before it overwrites it. I use it like that all the time.


Ok, just tested, it works :smiley: Cool feature! I think I thought it did not work, because I must have forgotten once or two to press save in Visual Studio, but there’s nothing Jucer can do about that :wink: