PropertyComponent name background

What is the recommended way (juce_1_46) to set the background color of a PropertyComponent. I have subclassed PropertyComponent and overridden paint(), which essentially calls two LookAndFeel functions: drawPropertyComponentBackground() and drawPropertyComponentLabel(). The default LookAndFeel hard-codes the color with g.setColour (Colour (0x66ffffff)); This provides a second approach, i.e. subclassing LookAndFeel. However, I feel there must be another, possibly better, way because the Jucer sets up very nice PropertyPanels with light grey backgrounds, but I haven’t puzzled out how this is done?

Subclassing l+f would probably be the best way. Can’t remember how the jucer does it, but you could easily have a look and find out. Maybe it gives them a transparent background and just uses the colour of the component behind them?

Jules, thanks for the hint. The reason I couldn’t find anything explicit in Jucer was because it wasn’t there. I did not understand the full implication of the alpha value ‘66’ in Colour (0x66ffffff) with regard to the background colour, but when I changed my background, the light bulb went on.