PropertyPanel LnF and Behavior

Hi Jules,

Here is a part of the class in juce_PropertyPanel.cpp that is hard-coded and should be in the LookAndFeel:

titleHeight (sectionTitle.isNotEmpty() ? 22 : 0),

This need an entry in the lookAndFeel or a Getter/Setter becase the title is to small on mobile platforms


The section title is showing/hiding content only with "double click", could you make it toggle with "single click" on mobile Platforms (iOs) using #ifdef, Getter/Setter or LookAndFeel ? 

Most of the Colours are hard-coded too in this class , an entry in the lookAndFeel would avoid me to duplicate your code.

Thanks for you help,

Yes, I should add some more flexibility for those.

TBH for developing on mobile devices with hi-res screens, I'd suggest just setting a bigger global scale for everything rather than trying to tweak the L+F to change the dimensions of each individual GUI component.

The problem is jsut this hard-coded value.

Thank you