Propogating keys to WM/Xorg

Ok so I'm just looking at JUCE. I compiled it on my Linux box (Gentoo 64). The example program works fine but what I'm having a problem doing is moving the window. I can't tell if the demo app is caputing all input and not letting the WM handle special cases or what. To give you a better idea I'm using Awesome. To move a window you press the meta key then click and drag the window. This isn't possible with the demo program or Introjucer.

The demo program also likes to open itself on the primary screen no the screen it should open up on. If I'm on my second monitor and open the program, it should follow that hint and open on that screen. Introjucer does but the demo doesn't.

Do these problems just happen for my tiling WM or does it happen to other running major WMs like KDE and Gnome?