ProTools LE 8 win xp - mouse click + Alt button pressed


I’ll try to find some time to look at PT today.


Thanks!! =)


Sorry - PT7 has decided it’s not going to even launch on my XP machine any more, despite me reinstalling it about 4 times… And I can’t run v8 because you need an iLok. Looks like I won’t be debugging this in the immediate future…


Oh, and so you will not be able to look at OSX PT 8 mouse handling… =(
I’m speaking about this -

[quote=“Buncker”]Just tried setWantsKeyboardFocus, works the same.
Just noticed that something is wrong with mac RTAS plugin at all. Plugin does not receive any mouse movement data till first mouse click appears. And it is only in rtas build.[/quote]

Anyway, thanks for trying


Just a few details on PT 8 on OSX mouse handling, just in case.
calling isMouseOver() in paint() no more detects mouse hovering until I click the plugin UI

tried it in osx 10.5.6, osx 10.6.2, pt 8 le 8.0.3, two days old tip.
intel macbook pro, core duo, 4gb ram