Mouse position on RTAS Mac


I only browsed the forum roughly for my problem, so sorry if this has already been discussed.

When I open my RTAS plugin, everything seems to be fine, but after I click on a control in the plugin’s “menu bar” (i.e. the plugin selector), the mouse coordinates seem to be scaled, confusing my interface size with Pro Tools’ plugin window size. That is, when I now click with the mouse on the RTAS “menu bar”, one of my upper controls picks the mouse events.

This can apparently be undone by double-clicking in my plugin GUI after a time.

I haven’t investigated anything yet, just wondered if this is a known issue and if yes, if you can point me into the right direction? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a Pro Tools problem, or a Juce problem?

I am using JUCE 1.46 on PT8, MACOSX 10.5.5.


Known issue in Protools that will be fixed in a Protools update
I’ve forwarded this issue regarding our plugin based on juce and this what they answered to us.


Ahh, thanks. Good to know…