Rtas mac mouse offset bug in Pro Tools 8 CS2

Digi say that they have fixed their end of this issue, but the Juce SVN r595 Rtas version still has has them. Does anyone know how to fix this? This is very distracting for users.

Andrew Simper

I have a workaround for the mouse offset issue, which involves using the port passed in by pro tools directly instead of the generated HIView:

    // digi offset the entire port on mac to have it's top left at a negative position,
    // and the plugins gui at 0,0 so we need to get the port bounds then negate it to
    // get our actual top left offset so we can convert global to local co-ordinates
    Rect oRect;
    GetPortBounds((GrafPtr)hostPort, &oRect);
    xoffset = -oRect.left;
    yoffset = -oRect.top;

All the files involved with the fix I have zipped up here:

Be warned I have changed quite a few things so it probably won’t compile with immediately for anyone else.

Andrew Simper

excellent stuff ! It seems to work perfectly here, I had really lost all hope with that bug.

Note: I haven’t tackled a resize of the gui with this one, but hopefully there will be a similar method to get the actual offset once a resize is done as well.

Andrew Simper