RTAS wrapper, forward mouse events to host

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to implement the Pro Tools automation popup menu in RTAS (Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-Click on parameter, CProcess::ChooseControl() needs to be added to the wrapper; the wrapper also needs to find out the parameter’s GUI position, but this is another matter).
Unfortunately the editor component seems to eat up the mouse events. If I resize the native window to a bigger size than the editor component (e.g. “r.right = editorComp->getWidth() + 20;” in JuceCustomUIView::updateSize()), ChooseControl() is called by mouse clicks inside the extra area.

Any hints how I can either get the editor component not to eat up the mouse events (“Plugin wants keyboard focus” doesn’t affect it and wouldn’t be a solution anyways) or forward these events to the underlying NSWindow or NSView?
I already tried to add a MouseListener for the AudioProcessorEditor inside the wrapper (which gets called) and call forwardCurrentKeyEventToHostWindow() (looks like it’s forwarding events generally and not just keyboard events) without success.


While searching the forum I found this similar thread, but unfortunately it is also without result.


Did you ever solve this? I'm stuck on the same problem