Putting juce into BOUML / UML?


hey there. i put some “headers” of juce into BOUML, and as a result, i can derive from classes or implement “interfaces” like the listenders extremely fast. maybe you (jules) would like to put the whole source into a BOUML project? this way you can do some things faster maybe (i certainly can ;)). i have developed kind of a round trip workflow. nice thind i must admin. a little bit more advanced tool than bouml would be nice to have, but its free and open source, so i could give it a try mayself.
whatever. i just have good use of working with uml here, so i thought i’d just share my experience and make a little suggestion. may be too much work though, but it may be worh it in the long run :wink:



Oh, I’ve never liked UML… I’m much more of a hands-on programmer!


your code structures iare very uml produced like thought :wink:


True, but I’ve never really seen the point of drawing all those boxes and lines, and then turning it into code. To do that just seems a bit “Dilberty”!