Quotes appear in Jucer component text

Hello and good afternoon, gentlemen. 8)
I have a problem that seems common enough.

I am creating a component in the Jucer and I integrated it with my existing Visual Studio 2010 project that was created in Introjucer. Now every caption, label,text area shows up with quotes around the text, like
[size=150]“My Window”[/size] instead of [size=150]My Window[/size]. This is annoying!

I see in the generated code some stuff like T(“My Window”) and when I take the quotes out, like T(My Window), it works! That’s neat, but not a solution, no [size=85]way[/size]. What project setting do I need to flip? :roll:

I searched Google and these forums, can’t seem to find a lead.

Hello gentlemen,

I have returned to announce the fix.

This code(to get around a T macro problem, and originating elsewhere on this forum) was causing the problem:

#ifdef _WIN32
	#undef Rectangle
	#undef T
	#define Array tempArray

	#include <windows.h>

	#undef Array
	#define T(x) L#x
#define JUCE_WINDOWS 1

The fix was just changing to

#define T(x) L##x

as it is defined in juce_amalgamated.h