Reading old (non-JUCE) AudioUnit state data?

I’ve found a way to modify the VST3 wrapper to let me parse out old VST3 session chunk data, but I’m a little stuck on reading old AU data. The wrapper is looking for a dictionary key “jucePluginState”, which it naturally does not find, so RestoreState() simply returns without doing anything. Does anyone know how I can get the original chunk data out of the CFPropertyListRef that is passed in to RestoreState()? I know how to parse the old data, but I need to know how to get that old data that was written using the VST3SDK’s auwrapper.

Never mind, I found the code by looking at the old auwrapper. I’m not sure if I can share their code or not, but basically I just look for valueForKey with the key “Processor State” when the juce key isn’t found. (I could also look for “Controller State”, but I don’t think my old plugins used that state data; it was all from the processor component.)