Reaper: Bridged plug-in resize problem

My plug-ins won’t resize when they’re bridged. This seems to only happen in VSTs in Reaper on macOS (tested on Monterey. intel & apple silicon machines. Bridged AU version works fine and same VST is fine in other DAWs even on M1).

The centred text jumping around shows that the UI is updating but the window is not. I’m fairly sure this is a Reaper bug or quirk but does anyone know a workaround? I’m calling setSize from the editor currently, perhaps there’s another way to inform the DAW to resize the window?

Please ignore the juce versions labels, my other plug-in is still using juce 4 and I thought 6 might fix it

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Did you ever solve this? I am running into an identical issue.

Edit: Building natively instead of targeting Rosetta works just fine.

I’m afraid I never solved this. Our workaround is telling users to use the AU version of our software which seems to resize correctly

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