Reference to 'Point' is ambiguous in AudioHostPlugin

This is an update to a previous problem I had. I git cloned the develop branch, and put the Projucer app in there. I no longer have AudioBuffer issues, but when I try to build the AudioHostPlugin, I get approx. 18 reference to ‘Point’ issues.

I would really appreciate some directions to fit this issue, I have been working on this for hours and nothing seems to be working.

It’s been asked many many times, and answered many many times.

Hi matkatmusic, I know it has and I hate rehashing old topics, but I really am not sure of the exact steps to take to fix this.

Would you outline what I could do to fix this please? I would really appreciate it

make sure you’re on the latest commit of the develop branch. it was fixed recently, and the topic about Juce being broken in xcode 11 covered this.

I generally stick to the official releases - to avoid refactoring due to updates, and sometimes things get broken in develop branches… so I’m not sure it’s good advice to use the develop branch if one is preparing a product release, but I guess OK for general development work. Anyway, the fix is to just modify the files to add ‘using juce::Point;’

Modify which files? The files throwing the error are files in the Juce repository. If he does that, then he has to maintain his own fork of the JUCE repo. It’s better to just check out the commit from the develop branch that solves this issue.

If it’s just to get the audio host to build and run, and nothing more, adding using juce:Point; in a couple of places isn’t going to hurt (wherever the compiler is complaining)… I’m not suggesting forking and changing many things in the official release repo, just the quick fix to get the host app build up and running/or the demos project. That’s my personal preference than needing to switch to the dev branch. Either way is fine, I’m just going to stick with the official release/master branch for my project builds since I don’t have time to monitor all the changes and how they might affect me.