Reliable crash in Standalone

Hi folks

I have a reliable crash in the standalone version of all my juce 6 plugins (I’m on 6.0.7) which have audio input. Here’s how to reproduce

  1. Start the standalone
  2. options / reset to default state
  3. options / audio midi settings
  4. mute audio input


When I look at a stack it looks like there’s something referring to the deleted plugin. I debugged it a bit and it seems like the shouldMuteButton in SettingsComponent in juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h does this in the constructor

 shouldMuteButton.getToggleStateValue().referTo (owner.shouldMuteInput);

but the reset of plugin (which deletes and recreates the plugin context which here is owner) doesn’t reset the settings component state so when you press the toggle on shouldMuteButton you refer to the old owner, and kablooey.

I couldn’t figure out from the code, though, how to reset the state of the SettingsComponent so don’t have a fixing patch, just a bug report.

Still a bit new to workflow in JUCE world. Is this stuff OK to put on this forum or should I file a GitHub issue?


Oh and if you want to reproduce, all the code for the crashing plugin is GitHub - surge-synthesizer/surge: Synthesizer plug-in (previously released as Vember Audio Surge). Just build at head and you’ll see it if you can’t repro in other plugs.

Thanks for reporting, I can reproduce the crash here and will push a fix shortly.

Either is fine, but we are generally more responsive on the forum and you might get more JUCE developer’s eyes on the report here which can be useful.

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Awesome. Thanks!


Hey great - just pulled develop and it is fixed! Thank you.