"Reload Plugins" button in the AudioPluginHost

I want to add a “Reload Plugins” button to the AudioPluginHost

I’ve been developing with juce for some time now. During development, each time I build a new version of a plugin, I need to close, and then re-open the AudioPluginHost. That is why I would like to add a “Reload Plugins” button that would allow users to reload active plugins from disk.

I would be happy to add this feature myself, but I noticed on the Juce github repo that you do not accept 3rd party pull requests.

If this seems like a good idea, please let me know if I can help out! I apologize in advance if this feature exists and I just couldn’t find it.

You don’t need to close/re-open the AudioPluginHost*. You just need to delete and re-add the rebuilt plugin. Although if it’s part of a complex setup with a lot of connections, I guess closing and reopening the APH and reloading the current document is one way to do it.

I like your idea anyway. :slight_smile:

*Edit: Mac OS

At least on Windows(*), it would be need to be a 3 step process : offline the plugins in the host, rebuild the plugin, bring the plugins back online. Cockos Reaper already allows this workflow but I wouldn’t mind if the Juce AudioPluginHost got that too.

(*) Perhaps Mac Os/Linux allow overwriting the plugin binary on disk even while the plugin is being used. But Windows certainly doesn’t, the host has to unload the plugin dll completely before it can be replaced on disk.

MacOS allows you to overwrite the plugin while in use. I forgot that when I used windows I had to close the host, re-build, then open the host again.

So this probably wouldn’t work on windows. Might be a deal-breaker.

Have you considered setting your IDE’s debugger launch application to be the AudioPluginHost?

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@t0m I didn’t know about this IDE feature! And it automatically attaches the process! Major time saver, thank you :slight_smile: