Plugin Host or use a DAW

Hi, I have been been using a DAW (Reaper) when I compile my plugins, but wondering if is it quicker to use the Plugin Host in JUCE, if so, could you point me to information on how to set it up, and use it, I am a little confused?

Many thanks

you can use the plugin host as a debugger, just like most DAWs. it opens faster, yes. doesn’t have a playhead though, so if you need to test anything more complicated you still need a DAW

Thanks for the info, do I have close the plugin host and reopen each time, I am just finding it it so tedious trying to listen to small adjustments of a plugin parameter, reopen reaper and check, so if it was a case of adjusting and then immediate update in JUCE host that would be great.

You still have to quit and restart the Juce AudioPluginHost before you can hear and see your changes in the plugin.

Ah ok, would it be quicker then rebuild and launching a DAW, when I relaunch plugin host is the plugin in place and updated, or do I have to reload this ad well?

Yeah the Juce PluginHost will by default load the patch you were last working on. But you could set that up with Reaper too.

Thanks, yes I have reaper setup to launch, just takes time each edit, I guess nothing I can do about that, thanks.

I like to use GigPerformer as part my testing. It’s much faster than loading Cubase (my personal DAW) and lets me test within a host designed by a third party.

If you’re just checking UI updates or other simple things, you might try building and running the plugin as a standalone. That might be quicker than DAW/Plugin host.

Hey thanks for that tip, ya know I never thought of that, this could be great.
Thanks again.