Request: launch File Browser component with file selected

If I do

FileChooser fc("Choose a file...", "/midis/53.mid", "*.mid", false /*useNativeDialogBox*/);
if (fc.browserForFileToOpen()) {...

... it would be nice if the file list window appeared scrolled suitably so that "53.mid" is on-screen and highlighted.

Just for those situations where someone is systematically browsing through files one at a time.

i.e. Currently it's more effort to browse through files towards the bottom, just like it used to be more effort to dial a 0 on a rotary phone.

If it's nontrivial to implement, please disregard as it is very minor -- Setting useNativeDialogBox to true I see that even the Windows native file browser doesn't do this. (In fact the native browser doesn't even display the file name correctly in the textbox -- much of it is scrolled off to the the left!).