FileChooser not displaying properly

Not sure why, but Filechooser objects have trouble displaying on windows vista …

When using the plugin directory scanner, clicking the “+” button does the following:

    FileChooser chooser (TRANS("Add a folder..."), start, T("*"));

    if (chooser.browseForDirectory())
        path.add (chooser.getResult(), currentRow);

Unfortunately, the chooser object doesn’t initially display on vista. However, if I then press the “Alt” key, the desktop refreshes and displays the file chooser object properly.

Not sure why it isn’t displayed right away … but is there some way to add a bringtofront or repaint to the FileChooser object (not being a component, I can’t seem to figure a way to repaint it).

Thanks -

That’s odd, I hadn’t noticed anything like that. I’ll take a look next time I’m using vista…