Request: optional filename extension for juce_module_info

I'd like to make a request, as I've been doing some editing of the juce_module_info file and none of my editors pick up that its a JSON file as it lacks the .json extension. I wonder if we can have an alternate file name e.g. juce_module_info.json or even module.json, like the package.json of package managers such as npm and Composer?


TBH I think that manifest file might disappear in the near future when I simplify the module format.. But if it doesn't, I'll take this request on board, thanks!

Ok, interesting... I'm wondering how Introjucer would pick up inter-module dependencies without a manifest file?  

I'm still figuring that out! But most likely by embedding special comments in the files, or even by looking at which other headers get included in module headers.