Request: Projucer support for per-configuration library inclusion

It would help us a lot to be able to only specify that a given library (such as a copy protection library) be able to be specified only for a specific configuration (such as a Release build). That would allow us to make Debug builds without including those libraries. (I tried using the trick that the AAX wrapper does for this, but code the relied on the library didn’t find the required functions when attempting to build, so I now have two completely separate .jucer projects, one with copy protection and one without.)

I’m out of votes but I also support this!

Basically you would like the External libraries to link setting to be per configuration instead of (or in addition to) per export target?
If that would fulfill your requirements, then I would be happy to give a try at making the changes in Projucer.

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Exactly! If this were per-configuration, it would resolve the issue perfectly!