[IJ FR] Ext Libs to Link per Config


Currently you can only set external libs to link in an Export Target – to have a separate lib for different configs I use a pragma – but it would be great if we could set the external libs in the Configs.



Different libraries to link for Debug and Relase on Visual Studio

You can set different library search paths per configuration.


I need to set a different lib for each different config… So for debug it may be libXyzD.lib, for release it may be libXyz.lib, for another config it may be libXyzC.lib



OK, well then that's a feature request. A very reasonable one, and also one that already came up a few times, but nevertheless it's something that we can't do rightaway right now...

This will go into our list of nice-to-have Introjucer features and will be done as soon as someone has time for it!