[RESOLVED] Crash on startup of AU plugin in Logic on M1/arm

My Audio Unit plugin is crashing in Logic when not using Rosetta. I managed to get info on how to debug using Xcode, and it breaks with an access violation (code 2) after some huge number of recursive calls, when trying to show the plugin window. Here is a screen shot of the bottom of the stack. The rest goes on with the same exact set of calls, until it crashes.

Anyone know what is going on, or how to fix it? (We get the crash on both OS 11.6 and 12(.2? I forget exactly), but I’m debugging on 11.6 with Xcode 13.2.1, using a deployment target of 10.14.

The same plugin works fine in Studio One, and as AAX or VST3 in various hosts.

We have enabled ARA (via the JUCE_ARA SDK), but not completed work on that. Could the editor component have a clashing ID between the two plugin types (ARA and non-ARA)? There is only one plugin, but it shows up as two different plugins in Logic. Both ARA and non-ARA open fine in Studio One, though. Just trying to pinpoint what is specific to this scenario.

The problem appears to be that we recently added code to show an alert if some factory presets were not present, and that code uses the standard modal alert, which caused this to happen somehow. Adding the preset(s) to their expected location prevented that popup from showing, and the plugin now instantiates fine.

We’ll need to change that code to not use a modal alert, though. Can’t have this happen in the field!