[RESOLVED] How to build Projucer 6.0.7 on PC?

I updated from JUCE 6.0.5 to 6.0.7 on my PC, and need to build the Projucer v6.0.7, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I used 6.0.5 to export to VS2019, but when I try to build Projucer, I get errors that the project was saved with an outdated version of Projucer. Well, I can’t save it using 6.0.7, because that’s what I’m trying to build! How do I get a working build of 6.0.7 on the PC?

Aren’t the ready-to-use VS projects already contained in the repo so that you don’t need to export the VS 2019 project with an existing Projucer? Haven’t worked with the Projucer for some time now, but at least that’s what I remember :wink:

Nope. Just the Projucer.jucer file, the Source folder, and a CMakeLists.txt file.

That is so weird. Are you sure? Here is what I am seeing. I am not a Windows user, but isn’t that .sln file what you would load into Visual Studio?

Something fishy going on with your download/clone then, they are still definitely in the GitHub repo.

Oh, I messed up. I ran a script that cleans the Builds folder and the JuceLibraryCode folder before exporting, when I didn’t need to. My bad. Re-pulling the repo now. Thanks!

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